Backyard Lighting

by Jen

Effective implementation of backyard lighting can accomplish several things for both the visual appeal of your yard and the value of your home. The right design will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your yard while also improving your home security, making your outdoor living space more fun and functional to use on those nice evenings after the sun has set, and making it safer when you’re away or tucked in bed sleeping.

Why Use Outdoor Lights

There are four main reasons to use outdoor lights. The types of lighting you choose will vary a bit depending on which of these four reasons is your main priority for installing the outdoor lighting.

  • Functionality – Outdoor lighting helps illuminate areas of your yard enough so that your yard, deck and or patio are easier to use at night. This can allow you to expand your usable living space to the patio or deck.
  • Safety – Lights can be used to illuminate certain areas of your yard, like pathways or steps, so they are safer to use after the sun has set.
  • Appearance – Using landscape lighting techniques can enhance the appearance of your yard at night. Good use of landscape lights can provide a distinct aesthetic appeal that makes your home feel cozy.
  • Security – Increased security is another important reason to use outdoor lights. By adding light to dark areas of the yard, especially entryways, you can help deter unwanted visitors.

By using a combination of outdoor lighting styles you can benefit from all four of these functions all while adding value to your home. Good design and accent lighting can be a big asset when it comes to valuing your property.

Backyard Lighting Ideas

There are a number of ways to use backyard lighting but what works best for your yard will depend on the size, layout and landscaping of your property; of course your main reason for adding outdoor lighting will have a big impact as well. We’ll discuss a few backyard lighting tips here, but go into more detail in the Backyard Lighting Ideas article on this site.

Solar lighting makes a nice addition to many yards. Some home owners have found a mix of outdoor solar lights and low voltage lights to be a good combination. Solar lights still work even during a power outage, but low voltage or led lights may be more consistently reliable in areas that don’t regularly get a lot of sunlight, plus they don’t require that much power.

Patio Lighting

Patio Lighting

Mixing a few different styles together can help create an attractive look. Using a blend of things like lanterns, tiki torches, post lamps, patio umbrella lights, rope lights, step lighting, tree lights, walkway lights or other accent lights can create a layered look. But be careful not to over light or choose too many different styles or it will start to look messy. Choose a couple types of fixtures that match the style of your home and yard, but that also provide the functionality you want from them.

Using landscape or garden lighting can help enhance landscaped areas of your yard so you can appreciate them both during the night and during the day. Landscape lights can accent specific features in your yard, while some of the unique garden lights available can make your garden areas look more alive and festive at night.

Good use of patio or deck lighting can make these outdoor living areas more functional and cozy during the evening and night hours. Incorporating wall or security lights by entryways can also make them safer and less tempting to a possible intruder.

Backyard Lighting For Special Occasions

You may have a general, every day backyard lighting design, but for for special occasions you may want to add something new or simply adjust what you have. Using backyard lighting for a party or other event can really bring your backyard to life while also increasing visibility for the guests who aren’t as familiar with the landscaping and layout of your yard.

There are a wide variety of theme specific string lights that can be perfect if you are adding backyard lighting for a party. Whether you go with theme based lights, white lights or festive colored lights you can easily find something that is perfect by shopping online if you can’t find what you want locally.

If you don’t already have them, walkway or pathway lights are a good idea. They help illuminate the walkways just enough to make them safer but they can also enhance the appearance of your yard.

Good use of backyard lighting is not only an asset when it comes to the value of your home, it also helps increase safety, functionality and appearance allowing you to make better use of your outdoor space.



Landscape Lighting Techniques

Before you start adding backyard or other landscape lighting to your yard it is good to know a little bit about common landscape lighting techniques. Once you understand the common lighting techniques you can start planning your overall design to both highlight certain features and to create the best design for your specific yard and home.

Once you decide which of these lighting techniques you want to use in your yard you can begin planning your overall design and start shopping for the specific fixtures that will help you achieve these goals. […]

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Backyard Lighting Design

To create an effective backyard lighting design it is important to know a little bit about the basic types of outdoor lighting and how to use them effectively to achieve the look you want. In most cases you will want to blend a couple types of lighting to get the desired effect while being mindful not to over light any single area. Over lighting can do the opposite of what you want and detract from the overall design.

Using things like landscape and garden lights can help highlight your landscaped areas at night. They can also be used in other areas around your yard to help enhance look and functionality. […]

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Solar Pathway Lighting

If you are looking for functional but ambient exterior lighting for your home, solar pathway lights are a great choice. There are many styles, models, materials, and colors available and they are easy to find either at local shops or online.

Solar path lights are low maintenance and they are economical, and they have far more uses than to simply light pathways. Here are some other ways you might want to use these versatile and environmentally-friendly lights.

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Reduce Your Impact With Solar Lights

There are a number of benefits of having good outdoor lighting in your yard, but to add even more benefits consider using solar backyard lighting when possible instead of traditional lights. There are a lot of benefits to these lights besides the obvious ease of use and energy-efficiency.

One of the most obvious benefits of solar lighting is that it is more affordable because these lights use energy from the sun instead of from your home’s electrical source, meaning they will reduce the impact on your wallet. This also means they have a lower impact to the environment because they don’t require additional use of environmental resources. […]

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