Backyard Lighting Tips

The most important part of backyard lighting design is making sure the outdoor lighting fits your needs, but with a few basic tips you can implement the right design more effectively. You don’t need an expert to create a design; this is a great place to let your creativity flow allowing you to personalize your outdoor space creating the best look for your style and needs.

Simple Backyard Lighting Tips

By using a few simple outdoor lighting ideas you can improve your outdoor lighting design and get the most from your efforts.

  • Space walkway lights approximately 8 to 10 feet apart and alternate the light fixtures on either side of the walkway so your path doesn’t look like a runway.
  • In dark places a little light can go a long way.
  • Don’t try to light too many areas. You want some shadows to help define the areas that are making use of outdoor lighting.
  • Experiment with landscape lighting techniques like backlighting. Uplighting a hedge that is behind a tree will create a silhouette in the foreground.
  • When using bullet lights or spotlights adding a lens that is pale blue or pale green can take the yellow out of a halogen light creating a look somewhat like moonlight.
  • Sometimes you want to conceal the light fixture so you can’t see exactly where the light is originating. You can do this by hiding it behind a shrub, branch or rock, or by using a shroud on the light fixture. But be careful not to block any part of light coming from the fixture.
  • Create a distinct night time look for your yard so it looks different at night than it does during the day. Use a few different backyard lighting techniques to achieve your desired effect.

Outdoor Lighting Tips For New Construction

When you have the benefit of building a home on a new property you can take some steps during the construction process to make it easier to add backyard lights later.

  • Install a few extra power switches by the outside doors so it is easy to turn the outdoor lights on and off.
  • Before installing driveways or sidewalks place conduit so wire can easily be run later without a lot of extra work.
  • Consider installing outlets at transformer locations so you will have easy access to an electrical current when you are ready to add outdoor lighting.

Remember outdoor lighting often serves a variety of purposes so it is usually necessary to use a few different lighting styles. By using these backyard lighting tips you can improve your backyard lighting design and enhance the enjoyment of your yard.