Landscape Lighting Techniques

Before you start adding backyard or other landscape lighting to your yard it is good to know a little bit about common landscape lighting techniques. Once you understand the common lighting techniques you can start planning your overall design to both highlight certain features and to create the best design for your specific yard and home.

Once you decide which of these lighting techniques you want to use in your yard you can begin planning your overall design and start shopping for the specific fixtures that will help you achieve these goals. Continue reading

Reduce Your Impact With Solar Lights

There are a number of benefits of having good outdoor lighting in your yard, but to add even more benefits consider using solar backyard lighting when possible instead of traditional lights. There are a lot of benefits to these lights besides the obvious ease of use and energy-efficiency.

One of the most obvious benefits of solar lighting is that it is more affordable because these lights use energy from the sun instead of from your home’s electrical source, meaning they will reduce the impact on your wallet. This also means they have a lower impact to the environment because they don’t require additional use of environmental resources. Continue reading

Backyard Lighting Tips

The most important part of backyard lighting design is making sure the outdoor lighting fits your needs, but by using a few basic backyard lighting tips you can implement the design more effectively.

When you have the benefit of building a home on a new property you can take some steps during the construction process to make it easier to add outdoor lights later.

Whether you are adding outdoor lighting to new construction or to an existing yard remember that a little light can go a long way. Lighting too many areas can detract from the overall look, but using lighting in the right way can really improve the look of your yard at night. Continue reading