LED Step Lights

One way to keep your home safer is by using LED step lights. A lot of accidents happen in the home, and a major area of those accidents happen because of dimly lit steps. These can vary from wooden deck steps, to paving stone steps through a garden, to a staircase between floors in the home. All of these locations are typically dimly lit and that raises the potential for accidents. By using LED step lights accidents can often be avoided.

LED technology or “Light Emitting Diode” is not a new invention, but the ways it can be used have been growing in the last decade. LED’s are bright lights that practically never need to be changed and can run using a fraction of the power of traditional light bulbs. Added to that, they are small, powerful and are becoming quicker and easier to produce. All together, LED stair lighting is an effective and efficient way to light dark steps, especially steps outside on a walkway, deck or patio.

The Connection Between LED and Solar Lighting

Most solar lights actually use LED’s instead of light bulbs. LED’s are very reliable and they have a long life expectancy. Because they use very little power they are perfect for use in outdoor solar lighting.

Types of LED Step Lights

When it comes to LED step lighting there are multiple brands and styles available, ranging from those that are designed to work and operate perfectly well outdoors to those designed to blend into the decor of any house and home. Outdoor variations include features such as weather-proof casing, solar chargers and dusk/dawn sensors to conserve on energy usage as well as turn the lights on automatically in the evening. Indoor types can also include solar chargers, as well as timers.

LED Step Lights

LED Step Lights

Outdoor LED lights are specifically designed to be suitable for use in all weather, even during rainstorms. Some are battery powered, but it is also very easy to find solar LED lights. Because of the low power consumption of LED lights they are perfect as solar powered lights. LEDs are often used in solar lighting, from solar walkway lights to solar driveway lights. Solar LED lighting is perfect for a variety of jobs including landscape and security lighting.

Buying and Installing LED Step Lights

LED lighting technology is growing rapidly making it more readily available. LED step lights are increasingly available across internet stores and actual stores alike. With such a wide availability, there is a great selection from which to choose giving us consumers plenty of fun and creative options.

Installation of the lights is easy. While some assembly may be required, it’s nowhere near as complicated as many other forms of lighting. Wiring the lights is not complicated, and in fact many LED step lights offer the battery operated option, or they simply plug into an outlet.

The battery operated LED step lights last for a long time because of how LED technology works, using little power and getting a lot of run-time from even the cheapest of batteries. The LED step lights themselves are able to last for a very long time, as LED technology can provide up to 100,000 hours of operating time.

Solar step lights are very easy to use and install. Because they are powered by the energy of the sun and don’t need to be near an electric outlet they are perfect for outdoor steps leading to a garden walkway, patio or deck. When blended with other solar landscape lighting like solar walkway lights or solar driveway lights they can create a cozy, but safe feeling outside at night.

All in all, LED step lights are the perfect addition to any home. Providing style, safety and affordability, all the while still working extremely well.