Solar Walkway Lights

Solar outdoor lighting, in the form of solar walkway lights becoming increasingly popular because it is both an energy efficient and a relatively simple way to provide outdoor light. Local home and garden stores and the internet have made a wide selection of these solar lights available, from solar path lights to solar rock lights and more homeowners as well as landscape designers are choosing them for practical as well as decorative landscape lighting purposes.

The advantages in solar technology has made made solar accent lights very affordable. Solar walkway lights are appealing because not only are they an effective way of saving on energy bills but also because they now come in a wide variety of styles and materials that can easily fit into the theme of your yard, deck, patio and garden. […]

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Solar Post Lights

Our lighting needs have changed over the years and recently, the move to increased outdoor lighting, especially outdoor solar lighting has become apparent. For both security and safety’s sake, a well-lit yard including the use of solar path lights or solar post lights during night hours can be critical.

It is well known that potential burglars who are looking for homes to target most often choose places that offer the cover of darkness and poor visibility. Statistically speaking, break-ins typically occur when there is […]

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Solar Wall Lights

Solar wall lights, like solar pathway lights, take the heat that the sun provides and convert it to energy which is then used to power the lights. They can be placed in any area of the yard on many different structures, they don’t necessarily need to be installed on a wall. The right solar wall lighting can both improve visibility and create a cozy glow making your yard a great place to gather or relax.

This type of outdoor solar lighting can also function as solar security light for your home. The additional lighting eliminates hidden places around your property and ideally should be placed near potential entryways, like the front door patio door. When used with […]

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