Reduce Your Impact With Solar Lights

There are a number of benefits of having good outdoor lighting in your yard, but to add even more benefits consider using solar backyard lighting when possible instead of traditional lights. There are a lot of benefits to these lights besides the obvious ease of use and energy-efficiency.

One of the most obvious benefits of solar lighting is that it is more affordable because these lights use energy from the sun instead of from your home’s electrical source, meaning they will reduce the impact on your wallet. This also means they have a lower impact to the environment because they don’t require additional use of environmental resources.

Many people don’t think about this, but the use of too many lights in your yard can have an impact on the natural cycles of plants and animals. Like us humans, plants and animals have natural cycles that are impacted by the sunrise and sunset. To minimize the impact on these cycles don’t use bright lights, turn the lights off when you are not using them, and don’t over light your yard. Too much light doesn’t look attractive anyway and it can contribute to light pollution that can bother your neighbors.

Use solar lights for the backyard strategically. Use them around the patio or deck so you are able to provide an ambient light and get more use out of this space at night. Consider illuminating a few landscaped areas to highlight them at night. You can also use them around stairways or pathways to make them safer and more defined, and use them near any entryways for better visibility and safety.

Use low intensity lights when possible. Sometimes lights that are too bright can wash out the things you are trying to enhance and make them look worse. They can also provide a cold, sterile look instead of a cozy, inviting look. For more on how to use specific techniques to achieve the desired effect read my article on lighting techniques.

Good use of lighting means you will have shadows and some dark spaces in your yard. You don’t want your whole yard to glow or the specific lights you chose won’t even be noticeable. Less is more here, but make sure you choose and use the lighting wisely to get the most benefit from it without too much impact on either the environment, your neighbors or the plants and animals in your yard.