Solar Pathway Lighting

If you are looking for functional but ambient outdoor lighting for your home, solar pathway lighting may be one of the best options available. There are many styles, models, materials, and colors from which to choose and they are easy to find either at local stores or online. Plus you can use them for more than just pathways.

Minimal Requirements

Solar pathway lighting only requires two things. Direct sunlight for a portion of the day and an infrequent maintenance check of the solar panels to ensure they are free of dirt and debris. If you are looking to add outdoor pathway lighting to any sunny area outside, then solar lighting is an economical and eco-friendly way to add value to your home.

Solar lighting of any kind requires some direct sunlight each day, about an hour or two. If the area you want to light is completely shaded throughout a sunny day, then solar yard lights will not work in that area. Be sure to walk around on a sunny day to see which areas of the yard, patio or deck fit the criteria before purchasing these types of lights. Learn more about how solar power works.

The second requirement for solar landscape lights to work effectively is to ensure that the solar panels are clear of debris and dirt. While this does need to be checked on a routine basis, trimming or pruning bushes or trees in the immediate area will cut down on much of the debris. Too much debris will affect the efficiency of your solar panels.

Another way to help with this is by keeping solar panels away from rain spouts, misters, water sprinklers and shrubbery that may leave dirt particles, leaves, or pollen on your panels that will reduce the amount of energy they absorb from the sun. Using them in an area where they will collect less dirt and debris will help ensure proper utilization of the solar panels on your solar path lighting.

Styles Of Solar Path Lights

Solar Path Lights

Solar Path Lights

Once you have decided solar powered lighting will work in the area you’ve chosen, it’s time to look at what style would look best with your landscape ideas. Most people try to go with a style that matches the look of their home.

If you already have traditional lantern style lighting on the outside of your home, you may be happy to know that there are a variety of solar pathway lanterns available. Traditional black metals, brushed or antiqued metal, and other colors are easily purchased to keep the look of your home cohesive whether you are buying solar driveway lights or solar walkway lights.

Rounded dome lighting, short post lights, solar LED step lights, and solar path rope or string lights are all options to look at when determining what is best for your needs. These varied types of solar lights can look really nice in different parts of your yard, from pathway and driveway lights to garden lighting or step lighting. Good use of solar landscape lighting can make your yard feel cozy but safe at the same time.

You may also consider slightly different types of pathway lights for different uses. You might want lower profile pathway lights, but when choosing garden lights you may prefer a mix of low profile and hanging solar lights, or maybe walkway lights for a garden path.

Solar pathway lights comes in many unique shapes, like rock lights for example, and they can emit white, amber or other colored light. Some will even change colors as the light stays on. They typically come in set of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 so it’s easy to get just what you need.

Alternative Uses for Solar Lighting

While many people realize the benefits of using solar pathway lighting in exterior areas of their home, like solar patio lighting, others make use of these versatile lights elsewhere.

People who enjoy camping can use solar lights for safety and still continue to be eco-friendly. Campfire light and lanterns are traditionally the light sources used when living outdoors, however, solar pathway lighting has provided yet another option. Outdoor solar lights are safe, provide no risk to small children or pets, and they don’t require any further environmental resources other than sunshine. Lighting around the campfire, campsite, bathroom or the camp shower will supply low light and provide a feeling of safety in a dark, unfamiliar environment.

Impromptu gatherings at a local park or neighborhood field can lend itself to another use of solar lighting as well. You can use portable solar light in and around chairs, tables, or benches for an intimate gathering. For a large group setting, placing solar pathway light around the circumference of the area may be beneficial, especially in groups including children. Being able to keep on eye on the kids in this kind of setting is a great benefit to bringing these lights to outdoor events.

Solar pathway lights make great emergency lights when power is down after a natural disaster like a hurricane or twister. Having low lighting outside and around your home that doesn’t require electricity or batteries may help in rebuffing looters who thrive in these situations. Plan on having a few of these solar path lights in your disaster kit this year and be proactive in planning for a home emergency.

Economical and Earth Friendly

Solar landscape lighting is is a good choice when a home owner is trying to be economical, earth friendly, and stylish at the same time. Solar pathway lighting options enable home owners to get great value while being smart about their lighting fixture purchases.