Solar Post Lights

It’s no surprise solar post lights have been gaining in popularity. People have been harnessing solar energy and using it to power many gadgets including laptops, cars and numerous types of lighting including solar post lights. Using solar power requires a specific way of collecting that power and converting it into electricity for later usage. But the wide variety of gadgets that now use solar powered energy shows the benefits as well as society’s recent move in the direction of renewable energy.

How Solar Post Lighting Works

Outdoor solar lights use a similar setup as a solar panel you would find on a rooftop to catch the sun’s energy. Smaller versions of the panels are used to catch and help convert the sun’s energy into electricity.

The cells inside the panels, called photovoltaic cells, soak up the sunlight and with the help of special conductors, then convert the sunlight into solar energy. After it is converted, the energy gets stored as electricity for future use inside a specialized solar rechargeable battery. The finished electric product within that special type of battery powers the solar post lights for use at night.

Security Reasons for Implementing Solar Post Lights

Lighting needs have changed over the years and more recently the move to increased outdoor lighting has become apparent. For both security and safety’s sake, a well-lit yard including the use of a solar lamp post along with pathway lights or patio lights during night hours can be critical.

Solar Post Light

Solar Post Light

It is well known that potential burglars who are looking for possible homes to target most often choose places that offer the cover of darkness and poor visibility. Statistically speaking, break-ins typically occur when there was no driveway light or other outdoor lighting to help deter the thieves. Using solar post lighting is an easy and cost effective way of maintaining security in the home and keeping away unwanted burglars and would be thieves.

A solar post lamp typically sits in the front yard and helps illuminate both the drive way and pathway to your home. Not only does this provide security but it also provides you and your guests enough light to see as you are coming and going at night. Plus the style of the a solar post lantern can add charm to your yard.

Blending Post Lights With Other Landscape Lighting

Depending on the size and layout of your yard solar lamp post lights may be the only light you need, but you may also want to blend them with walkway lights or rock lights as well as this type of landscape lighting can make your yard look cozy, but also keep it safe at night. For light in the back yard you may want to add some strategic patio lighting as well.

Solar post lights come in varying levels of brightness and they will store enough energy from the sun to power the light all night. If you want a bright solar post lamp you may not need other lights in that area, but if a bright one shines in your window too much you may want to strategically mix it with other fun solar landscape lighting to get the desired affect.

The best thing about a solar post light is that it is decorative as well as functional and can add a finishing touch to any well-groomed landscape. Solar post lights are the perfect way to keep any home well lit, safe and beautiful.