Solar Rock Lights

If you want your outdoor lights to blend into your landscape design consider solar rock lights — solar-powered lights disguised to look like garden or landscaping rocks. By using these outdoor solar lights, you can add lighting to walkways, patios, gardens and other areas that need to be lit at night while keeping the natural look of your landscaping intact.

Although solar rock lights do not look exactly like real rocks, they have a much more natural appearance than other types of lights. Plus they work perfectly as accent or garden lighting because they blend right into the natural look of these areas.

Styles of Solar Rock Lights

There are different styles of solar rock lighting available, so you can try to find a look that blends well with your landscaping theme. Most rock lights are gray, but you can also find black or tan ones. Besides being available in different colors, you’ll notice that some are more realistic-looking than others. You can choose the style you like best to go with your garden or landscape design.

Benefits of Outdoor Solar Lighting

Because solar rock lights are solar powered, meaning they capture and store energy they collect from the sun during the day, they are low maintenance and low cost. You never have to buy batteries and they don’t need to be wired to your home’s electrical system because each day these lights are recharged by the sun so that they are ready to turn on at dusk when you need the light.

Solar Rock Lights

Solar Rock Lights

Like solar path lights, they have sensors that trigger the light to turn on when it gets dark enough. Once you have them set up along the path in your garden or patio, there is nothing more to do. These lights will turn on automatically each and every night.

These creatively designed solar yard lights can really enhance the look of your yard. Because they look like landscaping this particular type of solar landscape lighting looks good during the day or at night.

They are versatile and can be used as part of your solar patio lighting design to light driveways and walkways. They also look great on layered landscaped areas of your yard.

Things to Consider When Buying Solar Rock Lighting

One thing to consider when purchasing solar rock lights is the strength of the light. Some use a single LED, while others have multiple LEDs for greater illumination. You’ll need to consider how much light you want or need in the area where you’ll be installing them. You may want a brighter light to highlight certain features, such as steps that could potentially dangerous at night. Or consider buying additional lights like LED step lights for stairways and walkway lights for paths through your yard.

Another thing you’ll want to think about is the angle of the light. While most rock lights seem to point up at about a 45-degree angle, some are almost horizontal. When placing lights along a walkway, you may want to select lights that point down or across the path, rather than up into the eyes of the person who is walking along it.

When you purchase a solar rock light set, you should be aware that most of the time, only one of the lights actually has a solar panel. The other lights are usually connected with wires. Make sure you consider the length of wire between each one when determining whether the set will work where you want to place it.

Additional Features

Some solar powered rock lights have additional features that you may or may not need. For example, some of them have built-in key holders. You can put a spare house key into the rock in case you lose yours or accidentally lock your keys inside the car. In fact, you might want to put in a spare car key too, just in case.

You can purchase these lights at most stores that have a garden center, such as large hardware stores or discount stores. They are also available at many websites online, which makes it easy to compare prices and find the solar rock lights that will best fit your needs.