Solar Wall Lights

Solar wall lights are a great addition to an outdoor space. They will allow you to easily add lighting to virtually any area of your outdoor living space. Solar wall lights are also very environmentally friendly and wallet friendly as they will not increase your electric bill. You can also install them in places where you don’t have an electrical power source.

How Solar Powered Lights Work

Solar wall lights, like the more common solar pathway lights, take the heat that the sun provides and convert it to energy which is then used to power the lights.

This conversion is accomplished through the use of solar cells. The energy that is produced is then stored in batteries. How much energy will be converted and made available depends on how large the solar panels are. The brightness of the light and how long it will operate depends on how many batteries are included. The outdoor solar lights should also have a light sensor so the light will turn on automatically as the sun sets and turn off when the sun rises again.

Benefits of Solar Wall Lights

Solar wall lights can bring attractive lighting to any area in your yard and around your home. They can be placed in any area of the yard on many different structures. The right solar wall lighting can both improve visibility and create a cozy glow which makes your yard a great place to gather or relax. Your guests will likely enjoy this addition as well.

Solar Wall Light

Solar Wall Light

This type of outdoor solar lighting can also function as security light for your home. The additional lighting eliminates hidden places around your property and ideally should be placed near potential entryways, like the front door patio door. You may want to consider motion sensor lights for this purpose, depending on where you will be using them. When used with other patio lighting solar wall lights can enhance and protect your yard.

Styles of Solar Wall Lights

There are many different styles of solar wall lights on the market. Regardless of your home’s décor, you are sure to find a style that will compliment your property and increase your home’s value. You can choose plain square lights that are highly functional and will work on any wall of your home. You can also choose highly decorative solar lights; your friends may never suspect they are solar powered. Whether your home is traditional or highly contemporary, there are solar wall lights available to match the style and help you bring light to all your outdoor spaces. They can also be purchased to match existing solar walkway lights or post lights you have in your yard.

Solar wall lights are easily installed to any vertical surface. You just need to be sure that the spot receives a few hours of sunlight every day. They can be placed on your privacy fence to function as garden light or another type of landscaping lighting to improve the look of your home’s exterior at night. They can also be placed on arbors for an intimate, welcoming feel and they can even be added to children’s playhouses for more ambiance and greater visibility.

Solar wall lights are easy to hang and like other solar powered lights cost nothing to operate, making them an ideal choice for bringing more light into your yard.