Backyard Lighting Design

To create an effective backyard lighting design it is important to know a little bit about the basic types of outdoor lighting and how to use them effectively to achieve the look you want. In most cases you will want to blend a couple types of lighting to get the desired effect while being mindful not to over light any single area. Over lighting can do the opposite of what you want and detract from the overall design.

Using things like landscape and garden lights can help highlight your landscaped areas at night. They can also be used in other areas around your yard to help enhance look and functionality. Continue reading

Solar Walkway Lights

Solar outdoor lighting, in the form of solar walkway lights becoming increasingly popular because it is both an energy efficient and a relatively simple way to provide outdoor light. Local home and garden stores and the internet have made a wide selection of these solar lights available, from solar path lights to solar rock lights and more homeowners as well as landscape designers are choosing them for practical as well as decorative landscape lighting purposes.

The advantages in solar technology has made made solar accent lights very affordable. Solar walkway lights are appealing because not only are they an effective way of saving on energy bills but also because they now come in a wide variety of styles and materials that can easily fit into the theme of your yard, deck, patio and garden. Continue reading