Types of Backyard Lights

When it comes to outdoor lights there are plenty of options and styles available. To help you decide which type and style will ultimately be the best for your yard and your specific lighting design it is important to define the main reasons you want to add lighting to your outdoor space.

Once you define what you want from your outdoor lights and you have an overall outdoor lighting design idea you can start to choose the specific types of outdoor lights that will help you achieve your goals. Keep in mind things like looks, functionality and energy-efficiency when planning your design. Continue reading

Solar Post Lights

Our lighting needs have changed over the years and recently, the move to increased outdoor lighting, especially outdoor solar lighting has become apparent. For both security and safety’s sake, a well-lit yard including the use of solar path lights or solar post lights during night hours can be critical.

It is well known that potential burglars who are looking for homes to target most often choose places that offer the cover of darkness and poor visibility. Statistically speaking, break-ins typically occur when there is Continue reading